Toasting to LA’s New Expo Line: Celebrate the Opening With a Pub Crawl: LA’s Tri-City Alliance looks to build expo ridership, and give back to vulnerable population.


On May 20, the much-anticipated extension of Los Angeles’ Expo Line finally opened to the public, connecting the tri-city area of LA, Culver City and Santa Monica.

LA area residents who have yet to hit the rails will have a unique opportunity to do so this coming Sunday, June 5, when the Tri-City Alliance (TCA) will host the LA Crawl, a transit-oriented pub crawl meant to encourage people to try out the new Expo extension, and venture outside of their own LA neighborhoods.

“The idea came about due to the convenience in how the Tri-Cities of Los Angeles, Culver City and Santa Monica will now be connected through the Expo,” says Woodie Hamilton of the TCA. “In this happening, the cities now have the ability to collaborate in ways that it hasn’t had before.”

When participants register for the LA Crawl, they will be assigned with a new city to explore, and given a custom itinerary to share with neighbors and friends. TCA’s goal is to give LA residents a new view of how the Expo Line can be used.

In Hamilton’s words, the point of taking part in LA Crawl is “to experience the convenience of taking part in an event with a group of friends without having to drive or dealing with the inconveniences of driving while taking in our part of LA.”

Registrants for the Crawl have two options: a $22 general ticket, which includes a pub crawl ticket and a Metro Tap Card; and a $30 VIP experience, which includes the pub crawl ticket, the Metro Tap Card, admission to a post-crawl wrap party, an LA Crawl t-shirt, and a Tikkun Spa complimentary pass. A portion of the proceeds will go toward helping LA’s homeless population — a cause the TCA sees as a natural fit.

“We wanted to reverse the myth of how the Expo Line was going to become a homeless express in how all it was going to do was bring more homeless back and forth between the three cities,” Hamilton says. “So we wanted to show, not only could we change that myth, but we could help to support their cause.”

Hamilton hopes that LA’s strong tech community will take part in the crawl, and that the event will help integrate the Expo Line into daily life for LA’s startup and technology workers.
“Working within the tech community to build awareness is a must, since all the cities have a strong tech presence, and their communities are more inclined to use the Expo Line,” he says. “LA Crawl is more about a social connection to help increase more rider participation within the Tri- Cities, to develop a new habit centered around the Expo Line, which in turn will help on a economic level throughout the Tri -Cities.”

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