Top 10 Trends That Took Over In 2013

Despite bleak predictions from economic analysts for the year 2013, as a whole we can now look back at some of the ingenious trends that took over in 2013, and embrace the catapulting changes that occurred in our corporate world and made a positive impact on company culture in 2013.

Top 10 Trends That Took Over In 2013


1. Creative Financing

Money is fluid, easy come, easy go, and even when the banks stop lending nothing can stop cash flow. Out of the necessity and desire for business funds crowd funding has become a huge success, along with the rise of Angel Investing and securing venture capital from private investors. Kickstarter, indegogo, gofundme and a host of other similar platforms have become mainstream and a part of our culture in a short amount of time. Invention is the mother of necessity as they say and thankfully the reliance on big corporate entities, won’t be dictating what is or isn’t a great invention.

2. Social Media Marketing

The marketing department has changed. The traditional advertising methods are archaic and useless without establishing a solid social media presence, and thankfully most social media advertising methods are more effective at targeting your market and more affordable.

3. Going Mobile

We all have places to go and people to see and with the majority of Americans now toting Smartphones we are more portable in our personal and professional lives more than ever. Apps and mobile conversions of websites became a necessity for 2013, allowing easier and more streamlined access to our accounts wherever we are is now a part of our daily lives.

4. Workplace Atmosphere

The traditional brick and mortar office building is becoming a thing of the past for office space, thankfully emphasis has been placed back on the workplace atmosphere. There is a rising image competition for being one of the Best Places to Work for optimal productivity. If you doubt this just watch the movie “The Internship”, which has been equated to a lengthy commercial for advertising giant Google. Having collaborative work space is part of thinking outside the cubicle and is a trend that has been praised and utilized by the most successful businesses in 2013.

5. Virtual Workspace and Cloud Computing

In additional to going mobile, the evolution of the way we work and where we work has increased flexibility, productivity and thankfully, reliability with cloud computing, that has finally made working virtually even part of the time legit and a lot more effective for the corporate workforce.

6 million Americans work from home according to the US Census Bureau.

6. Big Data and Security

With the rise of cloud computing and massive data storage in “the cloud” our data is theoretically more secure and easier to access. Using the cloud allows everyone to share their eggs in one basket, but as with all systems having back-ups and top notch security (which is constantly changing) is the only way to handle our data and gain access to data that we never had before.

7. Customer-centricity

Business is all about the customer and the competitive edge is being customer-centric. Addressing your clients and customers feedback personally is expected, even if through social media. News travels as fast as our connection and ignoring your customers is an immediate way to lose them. Make or break with your reputation has become immediate.

8. Corporate Causes

Doing business or selling a product while supporting a cause has caught on, profit and purpose finally now go together. Advertising that you are a company that cares is not enough anymore, you have to put your money where your mouth is, or be called out by the general public.

9. Made In The USA

Patriotic purchasing took hold in 2013, as the push to buy “Made in America” items was intended to revitalize our economy and even encouraged major companies operating overseas to bring operations back to home soil. Everyone was effected by unemployment (directly or not) which in turn put the emphasis back on the consumer to support local jobs and companies that also reflect those values.

10. Rise of Entrepreneur

Ditching your “day job” to live a purposeful life, to finally do what you’ve always wanted to do was a huge trend in 2013 that may have risen out of apathy for the pathetic job market. Regardless of the reason for the emergence of the Entrepreneur, the go getter and get-her done philosophy paired with innovation has made 2013 the year of the Entrepreneur.

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