Top 3 Considerations for Office Relocation

Moving office spaces is a tremendous task for any company. It requires a large investment of both time and money, but those aren’t the only considerations to be taken into account during such a vital period in your company’s history. The space your company works out of is representative of your culture, reputation and future. The perfect office can be a huge asset in both luring top-flight clients and recruiting the best employees. Next time you are in the market for a new home for your business, make sure not to overlook any of the following critical considerations.

Size of Office



This may seem like a no brainer, but should be given more then a passing thought. If your business is currently at a plateau and you see no growth occurring during the tenure of your lease, then getting a new office the same size is reasonable. If your company is focused on growth and expansion then this needs to be carefully evaluated for how much office size you may need by the end of your rental agreement. AT ROC the length terms of lease agreements can be customized to allow for flexibility and growth.


Office size is also important when you think about how your furniture will fit in the new space. The best office is the one that is the most comfortable for your employees to work in. If new desks will be required in order to ensure a comfortable environment this will add some very heavy expenses to the relocation budget. To make the transition easier ROC offers modern, comfortable and affordable office furniture for lease. Turn key ready! If you do decide to get rid of your old office equipment then make sure to hire an environmentally responsible junk removal company to dispose of the old items without destroying the planet.


Office Functionality



While obviously your employees’ productivity is dependent on a large pool of variables, there are some things you can control more then you think. For example, studies have proven that the human mind is subconsciously influenced by colors. Plain white walls have been standard in office spaces for years but we are finding that this could be unintentionally having a negative impact on work force efficiency. In fact, bright colors are attributed to higher levels of energy in workers. Even better, bright art (like our custom murals by Kaleo) will make you more productive and happy…at work, yes, it’s possible!


Another important attribute of your office’s interior design is how easy it will be for employees to engage in active collaboration. Having small areas for individuals from different departments to meet can be a tremendous opportunity for cultivating new ideas within your company. Many large companies are designing their offices in ways that increase the chances of unplanned meetings between employees. The idea is that if they run into each other they may find an opportunity to work together; all to the benefit of the company. ROC sets up these chance meetings with a centralized break room, awesome coffee, kegs of beer, member events like ping-pong competitions, monthly happy hours, member appreciation breakfast…the list goes on and on!


Business Impact



Without question, moving offices will have an effect on your business. Careful and thorough planning can ensure that this impact is positive for both your employees and your clients. From a client perspective, being easily accessible is a huge plus. Many companies have clients regularly in from out of town for sales meetings, updates or both. If the client has to get all the way across town after flying in to see you this can be detrimental for obvious reasons. If the move is so large that it takes longer then a weekend to execute, this needs be transparently relayed to customers and employees both. Lastly, always keep your employees in mind during this progression. Make sure to keep the elements that were liked about the old office while building and expanding on what keeps your workforce happy. If most of the office moved within the last few years to live close by, do your best to avoid creating hours of commuting time for them. Happy employees are hard working employees and the office’s location, aesthetic and culture all play into this.

Author: Matt Lawler