What Are You Afraid Of?

If all of your friends jumped off a cliff would you? Okay, maybe our mothers did use a bridge in this analogy, but the message is the same. Fear and hysteria have been inundating the media for years in an attempt to catch our attention and play with our heart strings. The “Fiscal Cliff Crisis” is a perfect example of this type of emotional sabotage targeted not only at the ultra rich 2%, but making small business, entrepreneurs and even middle class mothers and families afraid. The ways in which we receive news coverage has increased monumentally, competition for your attention has never been so demanding. Subsequently, many news agencies take the responsibility of delivering accurate information lightly and have switched their focus to readership volume, regardless of what it takes, including creating wide spread panic.

With the added tax expense forecasted for business owners, investing in real estate, moving or expanding your location for the year 2013 has now come into question. As business owners we tend to become overwhelmed when examining our last fiscal year and projections for the upcoming year. The fear effect causes near sightedness and lack of a rational approach in understanding the dynamic flow of business. The entire year is comprised of multiple series of events, chain reactions and specific sets of circumstances. Hopefully we learn more about our business each year as it grows, evolves and matures, paying close attention to adapting our product or service to benefit our customers or clients. A lack of investment or enthusiasm is detrimental, and demonstrates the fragility of your business by exposing the owners ability to become frozen in fear and stagnant in development.

Some trepidation is necessary (not just for the ultra conservatives) when making large decisions in the upcoming year. Taking a look at a simple cause and effect equation, you should carefully analyze the potential return on any investment you are considering. The most critical and often expensive issue of real estate is unavoidable and has the greatest yield of benefit. If you are an existing company or start-up, you must invest in location and expansion or redesigning of space moving forward. Exploring the opportunity and availability of leased office space, co-working space or virtual office locations provide an excellent opportunity to grow while protecting your existing assets. Being able to retain a prestigious location such as Santa Monica, Newport Beach, La Jolla, or Downtown San Diego is often out of reach for many Entrepreneurs. Real Office Centers specializes in these thriving, vibrant epicenters of innovation on the west coast, offering leased, virtual and collaborative workspace with networking and investing opportunities that vary with location. A variety of tailored a la carte options provide ultimate flexibility, control, and limitless networking and climbing opportunities in prominent locations. An investment in location is an investment one cannot afford to pass or “consider later”.

There are good reasons to question the motivations behind the fear of the fiscal cliff that we may or may not be falling off. Consider how much the media is responsible for igniting this common ailment we humans and most mammals are born with to varying degrees. FOF, or Fear of Falling is a known condition that increases with age. Think of the “Trust Fall” commonly conducted in Team Building Seminars. Contemplate how similar the “Fiscal Cliff” is to the “Visual Cliff” in Psychology experiments which was used to determine depth perception in babies, but ultimately tests how far near the edge we can go without falling. We have all had that terrible feeling in our sleep of falling, being jerked into consciousness with a free falling spin in our stomachs, legs twitching for solid ground. Many of us experience this as anxiety in our attempt to sleep which makes one question if the fiscal cliff were meant to increase Ambien sales?

As you spread the financials on the table and weigh the opportunities for your future consider the answers may not be an all or nothing proposition. Remember that you became a business owner and Entrepreneur without fear. Recalling what made us take that leap of faith in the first place was not a fear of heights or a fear of falling. It was an act of faith and an exercise in confidence and strength. The tenacity and resilience of a business owner is defining and in most cases make or break.

As Franklin D. Roosevelt stated in his Inauguration speech, “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself” (and perhaps the motivations of media driven by The Nielsen Social ratings).

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