Where, Oh Where is Carmen San Diego?

In an attempt to bring back the tempting seductive villain and her red hot style, we can learn a lot more from this game than geography, for example how you can be hiding in plain sight, especially wearing red! This and other puzzling questions plague the now mature working class generation who used to play this game, such as where do I find a factory to manufacture my latest miracle product? Or any item en masse for that matter. In San Diego this question becomes even more debatable with the border to Mexico just miles away, where labor and facilities are expected to be drastically cheaper by comparison. It is not surprising the volumes of business and industry that operate with a Maquiladora in San Diego. Finding a factory to produce items in volume is a problem many business owners share. Many companies also question if productions costs could be saved by moving to another facility, in the U.S. or Internationally.

If you are female you may wonder where Carmen Sandiego buys her signature classy red trench or those sexy outfits underneath. Being the mysterious and elusive creature she is we will most likely never know, but if you design apparel and are looking for a factory there is a new directory called Makers Row that fits and tailors designers with potential factories and hopes to continue branching the same service to all fields of manufacturing. This is exciting news as entrepreneurs and like minded people use technology and crowd sourcing not only for funding and mentorship but for all resources and information. Collaborative spaces make sense financially under a wide variety of circumstances. Gaining in popularity and occupancy are shared spaces for laboratory and science endeavors, music recording and collaboration, even woodshops for enthusiasts and hobbyists. The website Etsy, which showcases the homemade and handmade creations of talented artistic designers, some of which have found tremendous success and “home manufacturing” is no longer a reasonable option.

Regardless if your profession is you passion, production is always necessary in order to translate your passion into an income. Finding the space may be not a priority at first but preparing for future growth is more than optimism, it required planning by successful entrepreneurs. Being resourceful is just one of the talents entrepreneurs must possess. Doing your research, searching on a global scale for answers or clues and finding information can be a little like playing a game, one in which you are hopefully not the character “M.T. Pockets” from Carmen Sandiego.

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