Wine at The Vine!


Free coffee at The Vine is great. But sometimes, wine is what you need…

That’s why the Irvine Company is happy to host Wine at The Vine, a quarterly event consisting of exactly what you’d expect.

Apart from the morale boosting effects of free libations, Wine at The Vine serves a professional purpose, as well. Zack Martin, Irvine Company’s community manager at The Vine, said of the event: “Anyone can attend, but we really hold them as customer appreciation events, and to allow people from the community to attend and network. The goal is to drive community around The Vine…to collaborate and get to know each other”.



The Vine office in Orange County is a totally unique, community centered workspace. Equipped with beautifully decorated indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as bustling, creative entrepreneurs, it offers the perfect breeding ground for new ideas and opportunities. A wine-powered networking event, then, really seems like the only logical next step.

In addition to the wine mixer, The Vine also joins with community members and partner companies to host other cool monthly events. Zack mentioned a recent talk about leadership and conscious capitalism, as well as an upcoming workshop with code school Codesmith, where attendees can come to learn anything and everything about coding. “We’re always looking for ways to help the local entrepreneurial community and also the members of The Vine grow together”, he added. Cheers to that.

You can find more about The Vine OC’s community here.


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