Your Financial Health, Live Long And Prosper

The topic of healthy spending and financial health is about as fun for most people as going to work out at the gym. Health and fitness are essential to enjoying life so begrudgingly or not we commit to be healthy by eating right and exercising. This is really not very different than your financial health. Of course you’ve heard the expression, “what you put in, is what you get out”, it’s true and applies not just your body but your bank as well.

Live Long And Prosper Means Having Both Health And Wealth
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Your diet, or what you eat, is no different than what type of spender you are. Overindulgence, giving in to impulse and convenience, and making wrong choices are part of using your will power, not only with what we eat, but with how we spend money. Discipline and moderation are two things that you must master in you are going to be successful at anything, including being healthy or wealthy.

Earlier this week Daniel Gamez of Gamez Law Firm who is a debt settlement attorney (and one of ROC’s superstar tenants), appeared on the local San Diego 6 morning program, “Wake Up San Diego”. Mr. Gamez specializes in debt settlement and is licensed in both California and Texas. His appearance on the morning show was part of a Q and A segment offering “Tips For Staying Financially Fit”, focusing on debt and credit cards. Here’s a quick re-cap of the recommendations and facts shared by Mr. Gamez on the San Diego 6:

  1. 15% of your income should go towards any debt.

  2. Pay the highest rate credit card first, even if you’re only making the minimum on the others.

  3. The average American citizen has 3 to 4 actively used credit cards.

  4. Don’t spend what you can’t pay for.

  5. Use Phone Apps to keep tabs on your finances.

  6. The average American has $15,000 in credit card debt, in California the average is slightly lower at $12,000 in credit card debt.

Financial fitness is a large working system, just like your body, but it is not as complex as the string theory and can be broken down into just two simple steps, save money and avoid debt. Once you are able to master both of these you will have achieved the perfect balance of financial health, and definitely a better balance in your bank account.

To view the full appearance by Mr. Gamez on San Diego 6 visit our collection of ROC Videos.

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